Get Parking Lot Signs for Your Business in Detroit, MI

Parking lots are not only places for people to park — they also provide access to businesses and help people navigate their way through busy shopping centers or business parks. Make sure people know where to turn, park, and stop with the appropriate parking lot signs. Turn to Metro Pavement Striping for help with your parking lot in Detroit, MI.

What Parking Lot Signs Do We Do?

We do a wide variety of parking lot signs so that people can easily navigate and park with ease. Our parking lot signs include:

  • Handicap signs: These signs designate parking spots for those who have disabilities. Often located near the front of the building, these signs allow people who have disabilities to access businesses quickly and easily.
  • Speed signs: Want to control the speed limit in your parking lot? Keep both pedestrians and drivers safe by indicating what speed the cars need to stay at.
  • Stop signs: Having stop signs allows for easier pedestrian business access and increased pedestrian safety, as well as keeping cars moving slower to prevent accidents.
  • Enter and exit signs: Need to alert drivers where to enter and exit? Do so with easily marked enter and exit signs. That way, you have less chance of confused drivers and potential accidents.
  • Crosswalk signs: If you have crosswalks for pedestrians, a good sign to have is one designating a crosswalk. That way, drivers can look out for pedestrians crossing, curtailing your chances of a potential accident.
  • Prohibited parking zone signs: Do you have spots that might look like parking spots but aren’t? Make sure that visitors know that with proper signage.

We usually provide you with the parking lot signs you need while you put in a new parking lot or redo an old one. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll gladly install the signs for you. Call us at (734) 629.8331 to get started.